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Ninja Classes

(Co-ed Ages 3 & up - Huffmeister Location)

Cypress Academy Ninja (CA Ninja) provides a 7,000 square foot first class Ninja training facility featuring two incredible Ninja structures that are a must-see, with tons of floor space leading to five warped walls ranging from 6 feet all the way to the official 14’ 6” competition height. Ninjas will focus on upper body and grip strength, coordination and body control, and overall confidence while conquering a variety of obstacles. Ninjas will start off with a basic level of fundamental skills from walking across a balancing bridge or first swinging on a lache bar to smashing the buzzer of the tallest warped wall or topping the last rung of the salmon ladder. After Ninjas get some practice on our basic courses, they will progress to our timed and more challenging courses. Classes are for ages 3 & up for boys and girls (co-ed), and will be grouped by age and skill level.

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