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What can SNAP do for you?

Schedule makeups

View account information

Make payments 

Register for fun events like Parent's Day/ Night Out 


New clients: Click the "Log in to Snap" button above and select "Create a New Account". Accept the terms and conditions, fill out all of your information, and you're ready to call and schedule a free trial and/or enroll in classes! Don't worry: by creating an account, you are NOT committing to any payments or classes, you are simply agreeing to our terms & conditions.  


Current clients: Click the "Log in to Snap" button above and hit "Log In". If you have forgotten your password, on the bottom left hand corner select the "Forgot my Password" option. Enter your email address, check your inbox and set up a password via the link. Your log in will be your email address and the password you created! 

  • How do I create an account?
    Click on the button at the top of the page to “Log into Snap”, or click here. Once on that page, click “Create a New Account”. Click start, and fill out the necessary information. At the bottom, click next. Read and agree to our required documents. Click Save. You now have a snap account!
  • How do I put a card on file?
    Log into SNAP, and click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left to show the menu. Click on "cards". Select "Add" and enter your card and billing information. Then select whether or not you would like to be on Auto draft, or just keep the card on file for future use.
  • How do I enroll in Special Events?
    Once you have created an account and logged in, click on the 3 lines in the top left hand corner. Select “classes”. Click on your preferred location. Click on “Special Events”. Select the type of event (ex: Parent’s Night Out). Click on the specific event that you are wanting to enroll in. Click “Enroll” in the top left hand corner. Select which child you are wanting to enroll. Click on the date of the event and add to cart. If you want to enroll multiple children, click “add another enrollment” and follow the same steps again. Click “checkout” then “continue”. Either pay with your card on file by clicking “pay now” or enter a new card.
  • How do I schedule a make-up class?
    Once logged in, make sure the menu on the left hand side is open, as well as the section titles "My Account". Select "Makeups". Select the make-up credit you are wanting to use by clicking on your child’s name. Select the date of the desired makeup class, then the class from the list below. Remember that makeups can only be scheduled 7 days out. If you are wanting to schedule a make-up for a class in a different level or program, you will need to give us a call.
  • How do I schedule a party online?
    Once logged in, click on “classes” and then your preferred location. Click on “Birthday Parties”. Select your desired month, then date, then time. Click on an open lobby (that fits your child’s age requirement if applicable). Click “enroll” in the top left hand corner. Select your child who will be having the birthday party. Click on the date of the party and “add to cart”. Click continue and enter your payment information. You will receive a call within 72 hours to finalize details for your party. (Please note that if you are looking to schedule a Ninja Party, you will need to go into the CA Ninja folder inside the Huffmeister Location before selecting "Birthday Parties". At this time, Ninja Parties are only offered at our Huffmeister Location)
  • Do I have to be enrolled in classes to attend Special Events?
    You do NOT need to be enrolled in classes to attend special events.
  • Do I call when I know my child is missing a class?
    You do not need to call us when your child will be out. When your child’s coach takes attendance, you will automatically receive a makeup to schedule at your convenience.
  • Do I have to check in at the kiosk?
    If you are coming for a free trial class, YES! We will check you in and be sure that all of your required documents are signed. If you are coming for your regularly scheduled class or a makeup class (and you have already scheduled the makeup), your child will already be on their coach’s roll and you do not need to check in.
  • How do I access my child's evaluation?
    Click here and follow the instructions on our Evaluations page.







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